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How To Buy A Down Pillow

If you are looking for a quality down pillow that costs less, then duck is the way to go. In the bedding market they are cheaper, especially in the U.S., because duck down is much more readily available.

how to buy a down pillow

Geese are cold climate birds and large in stature and therefore produce larger down clusters. If we follow the rule of thumb as mentioned above, goose down is regarded as the higher quality product because of this.

Fill power is the amount of space that an ounce of down will occupy in cubic inches within a pillow. The higher the fill power equals the larger the down clusters. Larger down clusters are known to last longer (years) and will sleep softer and warmer than smaller clusters.

This is a good in between when it comes to fill power. The down clusters are a little bit larger than those used in 600 fill power, so the life expectancy is better and the pillow is softer but still firm.

If you are looking for top of the line quality, then the 800 and above range is where you want to explore. The large down clusters come from a more mature bird- a big factor in down quality. A pillow of this magnitude will last years, retain higher loft and will make for a lighter, softer pillow.

The plush loft of the Westin Feather & Down Pillow makes it a memorable guest favorite. The perfect combination of feather and down are ideal for all types of sleepers to promote rest and rejuvenation.

Down pillows and feather pillows are two of the softest options available for a bed pillow, but which is right for you? In a head-to-head comparison of their head-cradling abilities, which bed pillow comes out the sleep-supportive superstar?

Both down and feather pillows are surprisingly easy to care for. Once removing the covers, both are machine washable on a gentle cycle.5 They can even be dried in the dryer, though there are some tips to keep in mind regarding how to wash pillows of these types:

According to Dr. Roland, feathers and down fibers sourced from geese and ducks have natural temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties, which is great for folks to run hot or get night sweats. And they're antimicrobial, meaning the materials won't harbor bacteria and mildew.

Down pillows are filled with duck or goose down and/or feathers, while down alternative pillows are filled with synthetic materials designed to mimic the feel of down. Down alternative pillows are typically more affordable than down pillows. Also, down pillows can also cause allergies, according to Robert Hayden, DC, chiropractor and spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association.

If you sleep on your stomach, you might want to opt for a soft pillow. Sleeping in this position puts strain on your neck. a softer pillow with little loft will help reduce the strain, keeping your neck in a neutral position.

Your body size and type also matter when choosing the ideal firmness level of a down pillow. Generally, people with larger bodies require more loft and should choose firmer pillows with high fill power as these will prove more long-lasting and durable.

The choice between an all-down and a down/feather pillow depends on your personal preference. An all-down pillow will be loftier, softer, and warmer than a down/feather pillow. It will also last you longer.

Goose down is considered to be of higher quality than duck down because geese are larger birds that produce larger down clusters that translate into higher fill power. However, the maturity of the birds and their feed is just as important. In most cases, a good quality duck down pillow will provide all the loftiness and warmth you need.

Duck down is similar to goose down in feel, warmth, and loftiness. However, duck down pillows are sterile and hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive allergies, duck down pillows are a great alternative.

Both down pillows and memory foam pillows can contour to your shape, but the feel is very different. Memory foam conforms more closely to the shape of your head and neck, offering more firmness, while down offers more plushness.

Memory foam pillows are typically not quite as luxurious or soft as down pillows but tend to be on the firmer side. This might be a good thing if you need a lot of support. Memory foam pillows are also extremely durable and will last you a long time, so they might be especially suitable for heavier bodies.

Down has fantastic insulating abilities but is also very breathable. A down pillow will keep you warm at night while still providing excellent airflow. Memory foam is very different in this respect. It tends to retain body heat and keep you warm, but it lacks the breathability of down.

We also suggest fluffing down pillows between dryer cycles to ensure they last longer. Additionally, cotton covers can protect your down pillow from general wear and tear. Using cotton pillowcases can help avoid excess oil and moisture if they are changed frequently.

Down actually gets finer and softer with time, which means it will retain its qualities for a long time. A good quality down pillow should last you for two to three years but may last even longer than that.

Rest your head on our Hilton pillows, which provide just the right amount of softness and support that you need to sleep easy. These exclusive Hilton pillows are available in feather & down, down or down alternative. And don't forget to enhance the longevity of your pillow with a pillow protector.

This is the solution for those who prefer a less lofty, lower profile pillow. Made of white duck down fill with a 100% cotton cover, the Gaylord Hotels Down Pillow conforms to the shape of your head and allows for airflow through the pillow, keeping your head cool through the night. Conveniently machine washable.

Assuming you do daily and monthly fluffing, what else can you do? Over several years even the best quality down pillow will show wear and tear and become flat. If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can open the old down pillow and hand stuff more fill inside. Down is extremely light and will make your home a mess - make sure you plan ahead. The idea of opening up a down pillow, filling it, and re-closing may seem daunting, but for some it makes sense and will save you money. Follow the instructions below:

To get more fill for your pillow, buy a down pillow on sale, cut it open, and harvest the fill. You may have other items already with down material, but we suggest skipping old down jackets or feather beds. Down jackets actually have very little down, and what down they have is sewn in very small squares. Feather beds primarily have feathers as the main component and will not give you the result you want.

Step 2 - To open the old down pillow use your seam ripper. The ideal place to open your pillow is where the product labels (i.e. law label or brand label) are located. The fabric in those areas meets and forms a "lip" where the seam ripper can do its magic. Before you open the pillow be sure to have a binder clip handy to keep the pillow opening closed (you can also use 2-3 smaller clips). You only need a 6 inch wide seam across the short side of the pillow where the labels are currently attached.

What kind of down pillow should you buy? We suggest replacing with a like filling. If your old down pillow has its law label attached check it to verify. The label will reference a minimum amount of down, along with what type of down. Anything other than white goose down is just labeled 'down' (it might be white or grey duck down). You can never go wrong using white goose down due to its cleaner smell and higher fill power.

Step 4 - Place your hand into the harvest pillow and grab a tight handful and stuff it into the old down pillow. To check the new density clamp the old pillow shut and feel how dense the pillow is. Keep going until you feel satisfied you have achieved the desired fill amount.

Step 5 - Sew the open old down pillow back up. First, clamp it shut and shake the down away from the sewing area. Now carefully sew the opening back up using 8-12 stitches per inch and adding 4 back stitches once done. It's always better to over sew than risk your pillow bursting open. The main concern is for future laundering of this newly closed pillow. You don't want it bursting opening in the washing machine. We strongly advise against sewing by hand.

Warmth, elegance and comfort are the Fairmont standards, which is why our Feather & Down Pillow is standard in our hotel rooms. This pillow helps you drift off to sleep thanks to the perfect combination of feathers for support and down for comfort. Bring the exceptional quality and delight of a Fairmont hotel stay home with you.

80% feather, 20% down 240 thread count, white 100% cotton cover Double-stitched and piped edges Single compartment construction, double covered Please note that we do not accept returns on pillows. All sales are final.

Last night was the first night's sleep using my new Fairmont pillow. What a HUGE difference from my previous pillows. I have a closet full of failed attempts to purchase THE ONE pillow that I can sleep on comfortably. Finally, my search is over and I'm in love. It is so comfortable and even though it's branded as "firm", it gives just enough for your head and neck to rest comfortably in any sleeping position. Worth every penny!!

Down pillows retain loft and outlive most synthetic fills. Shoppers out to cherry-pick beddings must glean how to buy a down cushion to prevent the litany of adverse effects like upper spine stiffness, neck pain, and migraine. 041b061a72


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