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Dark Souls 2 Coop Hamachi !!BETTER!!

Summoned and invading phantoms have a limited amount of time before being expelled from the host's world. The decreasing amount of available time is signified by a change in the player's appearance; Their color will become darker as the timer counts down.In co-op, the time running out for the summoned player is still considered a success and they will be given the same rewards as if they helped the host defeat a boss (not including the boss's souls). Enemies defeated during co-op will subtract additional time, with tougher enemies generally removing larger amounts of time. As a result, players summoned using the Small White Sign Soapstone might only last for a small duration of time, considering the short timer it has by default combined with the time subtracted by killing enemies. Though it is also possible to run out of time using the full-sized White Sign Soapstone, it has a much longer timer and is a lot less common.In PvP, the time running out on a hostile player is typically not considered a victory for anyone and is more akin to the player having used the Black Separation Crystal to end the session. However one rare exception may occur when running out of time during a duel in one of the PvP arenas, where it may arbitrarily give one of the players a victory.The Name-Engraved Ring increases the length of the timer by 50% for every form of multiplayer it works with.The length of the timers is set as a specific amount of seconds in the data however for easier readability it is listed out as minutes + seconds in the table below.

Dark Souls 2 Coop Hamachi

Aun hay manera de jugar dark souls orepare to die online? :( hasta donde se steam quito el juego y sus servidores asi que entre tarde a la fiesta y queria la experiencia de caerme a duelos con desconocidos o jugar en cooperativo


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