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But that all changes when a walkie-talkie is found in Howard's residence- a walkie-talkie Howard swears he knows nothing about. But just when Dorie sees this as a possible way to get to Victor, Strand learns that Baby Mo is missing. Well, you can just imagine how well that went over (actually, you don't have to imagine since we're assuming you watched the episode since you're reading this). What followed was an episode that once again demonstrated the franchise's ability to tell different genre-style stories even in a walker apocalypse, offering a chapter that deftly blended detective noir, family drama, and political thriller. And in the center of it all? John Dorie, Sr., Fear TWD's tragic "Don Quixote." So with that in mind, we're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign, throwing down an image spoiler buffer, and meeting you on the other side for a deeper dive into "Sonny Boy."

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