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Forrest Gump's Run Across America: The Real Locations and Stories Behind the Movie

Absolutely flawless experience dealing with Runforest. From ordering my Asics Noosa Tri 14, through communication, till delivering them to the final destination. Delivery exactly on the day, as promised. I'm really impressed how smooth the whole process was. Thank you and keep up a high standards! :-)

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Excellent experience from purchase to delivery. Very quick delivery from Sweden to UK. Was able to track parcel to local delivery pick up point. Products were as expected as research had been done. Runforest's price was the cheapest even before a 20% discount was applied on a 100+ spend. Very happy customer.

I was a little apprehensive about using Runforest, as I'd never heard of them. However, I'm very pleased to say that my experience was fantastic. My backpack arrived when they said it would, and it was cheaper than anywhere else. I will definitely use Runforest again.

R1 PR160 T11 is an assisted migrant, planted years before the term gained scientific currency. In 1975, Keith Illingworth, a forward-thinking forest geneticist working for the BC government, gathered Douglas fir seedlings from sixty-four different sites as far afield as central Mexico* and planted them all in orderly squares here on the outskirts of the Okanagan. In one patch, local Douglas firs from Revelstoke stand straight and tall, orange needles lying at their feet. Next to them, ferns fill the forest floor where the skeletons of maladapted Mexican migrants have long since rotted away. Some of the biggest specimens from the lot, R1 PR160 T11 and its siblings hail from Skykomish Pass, in Washington State, more than 500 kilometres south of where our feet are squelching in the mud.

Lake Run Forest Preserve is an artificial waterway that was created between 1911 and 1913 in an effort to protect the Lake Run Corridor. Drain tiles were also installed to maximize the tillable farmland. This forest preserve was acquired in an effort to eventually connect Dick Young Forest Preserve and Aurora West Forest Preserve.

Blacks Run Forest Farm is a riparian nursery and folk school rooted in love and living soil. These roots grow out as agroforestry, watershed health, and restorative justice. We farm in the image of the forest and remediate the toxins that pollute our souls, society, and soil, from chemical leaching to white supremacy, through the healing work of our hands, heads, and hearts. In fact, we see all this as an expression of restorative justice, a way of responding to harm and injustice by tending to needs, holding ourselves accountable, and making relationships as right as possible so that all creatures can be fully and wholly themselves!

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