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Shemale Yum Fat Gallery PORTABLE

Shemale Yum Reviews: If you have never heard of Shemale Yum then you should probably consider yourself new to the Shemale Industry. This site has existed for well over 17 years and is known to many as one of the first if not the first real shemale porn site. The site consists of mostly North American Transsexuals but you will also get Tgirls from South America, Europe, Asia and pretty much everywhere in the world. The site has a combination of amateur girls trying to get into the business all the way to your professional shemale model favorites.

shemale yum fat gallery

Shemale Yum discount is the longest running transsexual site on the net. It has been running for over eight years and offers some of the most exclusive Shemale Yum models, personals where you can meet your favourite TV or TS and amateur shemale action. Each month they show at least 32 model which have been shot exclusively for Shemale Yum. For members who are video lovers, each of the models' sets has an accompanying video including full screen DivX high quality.

There is a reason this is the longest running and best known Shemale site on the web - it is simply the best. I am a big fan of shemales and have been for years. Every new shemale site I find, I have to join and see the models. No other site has ever come close. Shemale Yum consistently has the most beautiful shemales from all over the world in every shade from creamy white skinned blonds to the darkest ebonies and everything in between. One of the things I like the most about Shemale Yum is that they always treat their models and their members with respect and admiration. They listen to member feedback and aim to please. It really shows in the sites quality. No trash talk here. The content at Shemale Yum is all original and exclusive. This isn't the same tired old stuff you saw on the newsgroups two years ago. You will find even more photo galleries in Licensed Images, Post Ops, Amateurs, Yumi Girls, Lost Files, and even an Art Gallery. All the photos are crisp, clear, well-lit professional work flattering the most beautiful shemales in the world.Although clips are not full-screen, you can enlarge them without losing too much of their great quality. The action is as hot as it gets, and, of course, we are still looking at the most beautiful trannies online. Members also have access to some non-exclusive and streaming movies.An extra perk is TransTales - stories about transsexuals, and of course, the discussion forum, as well as guides to help you find clubs and venues where shemales are welcome. 041b061a72


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