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Cheat Naruto Shinobi Breakdown Pc All Character ((INSTALL))

as a ninetales, kaguya becomes as fiery as her element and her damage increases. for her there are no special abilities, just the damage increase. if kaguya gets full-hp again then her element will disappear and she will start attacking normal. since she is still at max combo, all of her attacks will still deal max damage.

Cheat naruto shinobi breakdown pc all character

like naruto shippuden: ultimate ninja storm 4 has specialised levels, so kaguya is mostly seen in the s-rank or less. any character that fights her will naturally become stronger, making her a little tougher than normal during the first few times you fight her. later on you will probably want to use some special abilities, so its best to keep hold of the ability you plan on using after your big damage combo.

kaguya does not have a super powerful blast, however, which is a good thing because if its on the ground its not very hard to dodge. most kaguya attacks are of course in her element, but you can perform an air-dash to avoid things like wind attributes, and fire or ice attacks.

unless her attack has any kind of wind effect kaguya will not be blocked, but if it is she will be slowed down for a few frames. kaguya will instantly jump back to her normal form after a short period of animation if she uses her dash ability so you can make sure of both things.

kaguya, as most of the narutos, has three attack styles. one is a light attack, the second is her core smash and the third is her 360º combo. in this game kaguya can equip a shield as her second technique, allowing her to block damage. the shield of course stops the wind effect from the opponent attack, so you have to keep that in mind, but it is also great for escaping, blocking and building up meter.


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