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The Area Director, Area 9, reports to the Director, Examination Appeals, and coordinates a national program with responsibility for the largest cases in Appeals, generally Coordinated Industry Cases (CIC) and Industry Cases (IC) with multiple complex tax issues with over $10 million dollars in dispute.

Map Coordinates v4.7.6 [Pro] [Latest]

The Director of Policy, Planning, Quality and Analysis (PPQ&A) is responsible for providing technical and procedural guidance to the Appeals Organization, establishing and maintaining policies and standard procedures for Appeals work streams and providing information regarding case work flow and organizational performance, identifying and resolving issues that impact Appeals stakeholders and developing and implementing alternative dispute resolution programs. The Director of PPQ&A manages strategic planning activities of Appeals, monitors workload trends, develops overall goals and performance measures for Appeals and plans, implements, and coordinates the Appeals Quality Measurement System (AQMS), which monitors and evaluates the quality and effectiveness of Appeals programs.

Drafts and coordinates new and updates to existing Appeals-owned Internal Revenue Manuals (IRM), Delegation Orders and Policy Statements. Serves as chief liaison to the Office of Servicewide Policy, Directives and Electronic Research (SPDER).


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