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DesktopMMD4:Born To Dance !!TOP!!

The fourth generation of DesktopMMD born to dance,Brand new Theater-Mode, Fully supports using of MMD's VMD format dance motion file and PMX/PMD models directly , It's never been easier for MMD models to dance on your desktop. Support MMD's physics engine, Support STEAM workshop.

DesktopMMD4:Born to Dance


Watch extremely cute 3D girls dance and sing in this live performance simulator! Fully customize everything about the performance - the song, main vocalist and backup dancers, outfits and accessories, and more - to your heart's content!

Dance with me is a classic stand-alone hot dance game with classic music game play and unique dressing system. Choose your favorite character, experience the rhythm of the dance music and the rhythm of the dance in the game, and appreciate the dance of different types of beautiful girls. 041b061a72


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