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Download File Snaps Art HD Construction Site V1... NEW!

So, what can I say. I had great expectations, a project I could experiment with, further my knowledge from my teaching years until, I opened my package and unpacked it. From training and experience it was reasonable easy to assemble, instructions followed. Then the shit hit the fan. Where were the guide on how to use the graphics program. ( limited, very). same with power heads.suggested more be supplied for first time user, ie thumb drive or CD with more composite operating manuals and Videos to give better instructions.Why my comments. I do not have a " go to Internet" ,I have to be content to use phone internet, poor phone coverage, very slow downloading ( if at all), so what are my options, ASK FOR HELP, I purchased the Original Snapmaker for ease of learning, unsure but eager to learn. My experience,20 years secondary school teacher, cnc engineering, 3D graphics but I still need instructions (paper - videos) because as I said I don't have the internet to backup your machinery

Download File Snaps Art HD Construction Site v1...

Download Zip:

For Archer C60 v1.x, v2.0, v2.1, v3.0 installing OpenWrt is confirmed to work by simply uploading the OpenWrt firmware in the stock OEM's firmware-upgrade page. Please note however that this page will refuse to install firmware uploaded with a long filename. To bypass this limitation, download the relevant factory-flash bin-file and then rename the file to something shorter like firmware.bin before uploading. 041b061a72


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