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This is one of a series of glass Klein bottles made by Alan Bennett in 1995 for the Science Museum, London. It consists of three Klein bottles, one inside another. A Klein bottle is a surface which has no edges, no outside or inside and cannot properly be constructed in three dimensions. In the series Alan Bennett made Klein bottles analogous to Mobius strips with odd numbers of twists greater than one.

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Felix Klein came up with the idea for this form when looking at non-orientable surfaces, such as the Möbius strip. A Klein bottle does not have an edge - it is boundary-free, and an ant can walk along the entire surface without ever crossing an edge. The glass blower's art lets you own your very own impossible shape!

It consists of a sphere with three interlinked loops the equivalent of three interconnected Klein bottles. A Klein bottle has no edges, no outside or inside and cannot be properly constructed in three dimensions.

Grace Chisholm Young studied mathematics at Girton College, Cambridge after being awarded the Sir Francis Goldsmid scholarship. She achieved the equivalent of a first-class degree in her exams, and even decided to take the final year exams for Oxford; she received higher marks than all of the Oxford students and became the first person to achieve a first in any subject from both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Grace moved to Germany to study for her PhD under the supervision of Felix Klein (famous for the Klein bottle). She subsequently became one of the first women to officially be awarded a doctorate in Germany (read more on Dorothea Schlözer, who received her degree from Gottingen in 1787, and Sofia Kovalevaskaya, who received hers in absentia in 1874). 041b061a72


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